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Rtn. Rajjubhai Shroff, Chairman
Rtn. Ashis Roy, Secretary
Rtn. Bharat Patel, Trustee
Rtn. Ujjwal Kakaria, Trustee
Rtn. Subhas Panchal, Trustee
Rtn. Praful Dewani, Trustee
Rtn. Dipak R. Shah, Trustee
Rtn. Kalyan Banerjee,
Rotary International President
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Mandatory Disclosure
WORKING HOURS : The working hours of college shall be 9.00 am to 3.30 pm.
It is essential for the student to carry his/ her Identity Card when in college. This card should be produced while using the college library, at important functions of the college and whenever the identity of the student is required to be established. The student is required to show his/ her Identity card to staff, if asked to do so. The student must report the loss of any Identity Card in writing to the College office. A duplicate I-Card may be obtained from College office on payment of prescribed charges.
MOBILE PHONES or any other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited in the College Campus. Students are advised not to bring the same in the college. It may be confiscated if found talking or using mobile by any student.
ATTENDANCE : 75% attendance in theory and practical classes of each subject is mandatory as per Gujarat Technological University rules and regulations, failing which student shall not be allowed to appear in sessional/ end-semester examination.
Students should give their present local and permanent addresses to the office. Any change in the address must be intimated in writing to the college office immediately.
Change of group in practical classes/ examination is not allowed.
Every student is expected to read the notice put on the college notice board. It is the responsibility of the student to gather information from the notice board or office. The college accepts no responsibility to inform each student individually and for loss of any advantage by a student due to his/ her failure to read the notices in time.
LIBRARY FACILITIES : Library will remain open during college hours on all working days. For issue facilities student are required to contact Librarian. Students damaging books or stealing pages from books will not be allowed to use library facility in future and disciplinary action will be taken against them. Disciplinary action may be taken against students for not returning books in one month from the date of issue. Reference books are not to be issued. Library fine as notified shall be applicable if books not deposited on due return date. If a book is lost or damaged, double the cost or latest edition of the book is to be deposited as replacement alongwith its paid receipt. Students have to deposit all the books of library before the commencement of end-semester examination and obtain the “No Due Certificate” from the Librarian. Complete silence and peace must be ensured in the library so that others are not disturbed. Talking, sleeping and unmannerly sitting in library is strictly prohibited.
Railway / Bus concessions : Student can avail Railway/ Bus concessions to his/ her home town as mentioned in admission/ Continuity form during vacations, for attending conferences, for educational tours and to the training center. To get the concession form forwarded in time, the student must apply one week in advance.
For University Ordinance and academic regulations, University Circulars, the students are advised to visit University website: www.gtu.ac.in.
Keep the College campus clean; throw waste items & paper in waste-bins only.
Use of intoxicants, smoking, chewing beetle leaf or tobacco (Guthka) and spitting on the walls, etc. are strictly prohibited in the College.
Do not dirty the area where water (for drinking purpose) is stored; do not waste precious water.
Inculcate habit of switching off bulbs/ tube lights/ fans/ other electric appliances when not in use.
Behave properly and respectfully with other students and maintain decency in communication. Help strangers, in College, with courtesy and sincerity. Your courteous behaviours will bring good name to the College as well as to you.
Park your vehicle at the appropriate place; do not tamper with others vehicles.
Most of the students own their education to hard-earned income of their parents/ guardians. Hence do not waste away the good opportunities that come your way.
Always remember that you are the representative of this college, within and outside the campus. Therefore, keep up your esteem as well as that of the College with your disciplined and cultured behavior.
Ragging of any College student(s) by any other student in any form within or outside the premises of the College is strictly prohibited. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline. If any student is found indulged in such activities, his/her name will be struck off from college roll immediately and he/ she may be handed over to the police for further action. Ragging of the students is banned by the Government and is punishable offence under the Indian Penal Code. Each & every student of this college must submit anti-ragging affidavit every year.
Composition of Antiragging Committee
Name of Members Contact No.
Dr. Arindam Paul (Principal) 9099063139
Mr. Mittal Dalal 9879340044
Mr. Ashish Dhamat 9510308415
Mr. Bhavya Shah 9925120133
Ms. Alisha Patel 9327965644
Mrs. Neha Desai 9426779076
Mr. Champak Patel 7567653136
Ragging, for the purpose of the ordinance, ordinarily includes :
Physical and mental assault or threat and use of physical force;
Violating the status, dignity, honor and self esteem of a student;
Exposing students to ridicule behavior and personal contempt; and
Entailing verbal abuses and aggression, indecent gestures and obscene behavior.
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