Trust Profile
Rtn. Rajjubhai Shroff, Chairman
Rtn. Ashis Roy, Secretary
Rtn. Bharat Patel, Trustee
Rtn. Ujjwal Kakaria, Trustee
Rtn. Subhas Panchal, Trustee
Rtn. Praful Dewani, Trustee
Rtn. Dipak R. Shah, Trustee
Rtn. Kalyan Banerjee,
Rotary International President
Vision, Mission & Objectives
Quality Policy
Value Statement
Principal & Faculty
Message From Principal’s Desk
Departments & Facilities
Pharmacology Department
Pharmacognosy Department
The Campus
The institute is situated in ROFEL Namdha campus about 1.5 km from Vapi Railway Station on the Namdha Road. A huge sprawling campus in picturesque surroundings provides a refreshing environment, stimulating intellectual alertness and creativity. The campus provides an ambience that motivates students to grow.
Class Rooms
The classrooms are spacious, ventilated and equipped with multimedia and audiovisual equipments to facilitate effective learning. The classrooms are designed to provide maximum interaction between the faculty and students.
Financial Assistance and Scholarship
The Maa foundation, Vapi provides financial assistance to the needy UG students. GATE/GPAT qualified PG candidates receive stipend from AICTE. Presently our students are enjoying scholarships and freeships from following agencies -
Maa Foundation
Ministry of HRD, AICTE
Government of Gujarat -
Themis medicare
The college encourages and tries best for getting scholarship from above or other sources.
Computer Centre
Computing facilities for students include a laboratory equipped with several numbers of computers for UG and PG students with unlimited, highspeed broadband internet facility. The network also connects the faculty and staff for information sharing and communication. The students have an easy access to the internet.
"Knowledge is free at the library, just bring your own container". At the institute, it is a belief to facilitate production and dissemination of knowledge, information, insights and intellect in all scientific communities. Library is rich with the latest reading material from all over the world. The library is the key academic facility provided for the students, research scholars and faculty of the institute. It includes a wide range of text books and monographs of different branches of Pharmaceutical Sciences and allied subjects and also provides extensive access to leading Indian and international periodicals and research journals.
The Library at our institute houses more than 9611 volumes of books selectively chosen for reading and reference. The collection includes resources relevant to teaching, learning, training, research and consultancy needs of the Institute. About 30 printed national and international periodicals. The collection includes resources relevant to teaching, learning, training, and research needs of the Institute.
Apart from this, the institute library has also adopted latest information technology mediums like CD, DVD, Multimedia Kits.
Library provides following services
Reading Facilities
Library Orientation Programme
Newspaper Clipping
Current Awareness Services
New Arrival List
Working Hours : The library serves its users from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM on all the working days.
Seating Capacity : The library provides enough seating capacity for students. Separate seating arrangements have been made for faculty members.
Collection : The library maintains collection of different kinds of books, periodicals / journals and CD ROMs.
Details are as follows:



Total number of CD                


Total number of Books 


Total number of Titles




Examination Paper Service : Library is maintaining question paper banks of VNSGU and G.T.U. local sessional and mid semester examination and presenting them for ready reference for students and faculties. Examination papers file prepare in two ways, Year-wise and subject-wise. Subjective examination file is issue for one day.
Current Awareness Service : CAS is provided to the member to keep themselves up to date about collection and latest information. Library provides various type of current awareness services through display like,
List of new arrival books.
List of new arrival periodicals / journals
Newspaper clipping.
Photocopy of research paper published in national / international journal of staff and students.
Downloaded articles related to the area of pharmacy are also displayed.
Sophisticated Instrument Laboratory
The institute houses state-of-art analytical instruments like UV- Spectrophotometer, HPLC and GC, which provide analysis comprising elemental composition, chromatography, diffraction, particle/material characteristics including various spectroscopes. The Sophisticated Instrument Lab provides analytical support and intellectual input to both in-house and externally funded R & D projects.
The various laboratories are developed in the Institute include.
Pharmaceutics Laboratory I, II and III
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory I and II
Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory
Pharmacology Laboratory I and II
Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology (including aseptic room)
Sophisticated Instrument Laboratory equipped with modern instruments like UV, FTIR, SFC, and HPLC
Separate laboratories are developed in the Institute for PG students which include :
Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory
Pharmacology Research Laboratory
Clinical Pharmacy Research Laboratory
The resources available for laboratory work and training of students are utilized very efficiently and effectively. As a result of excellent laboratory facilities and their proper utilization under the supervision of our faculty, the pass out students will have an edge for immediate employment.
Hostel : The excellent hostel facility is available separately for girl and boy students on request.
Canteen : A modern canteen provides hygienic and wholesome food, snacks and beverages.
Play Grounds
Playgrounds for Cricket, Volleyball, Football, and other games are available in the campus. Indoor games facilities have also been created. Full-fledged gymnasium facility is also available for students.
" ROFEL CAMPUS " Vapi- Namdha Road, PB NO 67, Vapi [W] 396191, Gujarat, India
Tel : +91- 9727723722, 9727723742, 9727723762, E-mail : rofelpharm@gmail.com