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Pharmacognosy Department
Pharmacognosy is a bridge between pharmaceutical and basic sciences. It is a vital link between ayurvedic and allopathic systems of medicine. The department laid an emphasis on screening of possible therapeutic and medicinal values in large number of plants. The Department is well equipped with high resolution electron microscopes to perform microscopical studies. It is also supported with a medicinal garden having a wide variety of plants species extending the scope to carry out research.
The Department of Pharmacognosy at ROFEL is involved in teaching Pharmacognosy to the students of B. Pharm. Departmental research activities are in the area of screening of potential medicinal plants after making a through survey. The Department is also involved in the survey of medicinal plants of this region. Identification of plants and investigation of their pharmacognostical, phytochemical, pharmacological activity and to establish a therapeutic rationale, as used in folklore practices and traditional medicines is our major objectives.
The revival of interest on Natural drugs, especially those derived from plants, started in the last decades. Plants, animals and the human beings have intimate biological relationship since ancient time; to prove this relationship scientifically Pharmacognosy department is well equipped. Herbal garden has facilities to grow different medicinal plants.
Department is trying to develop some standardization procedure of herbal drugs by collaboration with local industrial facilities.
Departmental research activities are now being guided to the approach as mentioned earlier to a particular area for screening of the potential medicinal plants after making a thorough survey and presently we are involved in the survey of medicinal plants of local region. We are trying our best to put efforts in identifying the plants and to investigate their phytochemical and pharmacological activity and to establish a therapeutic rationale, if any with their use in folkfore practices and traditional medicine.
Medicinal Plant Garden
A medicinal plant garden covering an area of 800 sq. meters has been developed at the campus. More than 30 Genus of various medicinal plants have already been planted. The plants grown in this garden are useful in the practical classes of Pharmacognosy & Phyto-chemistry. This garden provides a strong impetus for herbal drug research and for the training of postgraduate students in the subject of Phyto-pharmaceuticals & Natural Products.
Herbal Museum
A herbal museum has been developed at this institute. The museum displays about 100 crude drugs of natural origin, some animal and plant specimens and more than 100 charts of crude drugs. The museum helps and guides the students in morphology study of the crude drugs of natural origin.
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