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Pharmacology Department
The graduate program offers a multidisciplinary approach to training in cellular and molecular pharmacology, signal transduction, neuropharmacology, biochemistry and molecular structure, as well as opportunities in the blossoming field of biotechnology. The mission of the ROFEL Department of Pharmacology is to provide individuals a broad and solid foundation of the principles of pharmacology, and to train them to become critical thinkers who can generate experimentally testable hypothesis, and who draw significant conclusions from the results of their ongoing research.
Our pharmacology department is equipped with all the required instruments and animals to carry out the research activities by the graduates and post-graduate students. In the department of pharmacology, we learn about the action of various on the living tissues and then this knowledge is extended to the treatment of various diseases and disorders thus form the science of therapeutics. It is obvious that both pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics are extremely helpful to medical and premedical professions. At the same time these subjects are useful to professionals working on pharmaceutical research and marketing. It provides the marketing persons with the knowledge on the product that enables them to communicate to doctors.
Animal House
Our Institute has conventional animal house facility registered by CPCSEA (IAEC), Government of India. Our institute has a state of art animal house facility. It provides preclinical testing in conformity with national and international regulatory guidelines. The facility houses healthy and homogeneous animals for routine teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for in-house and contract research.
Separate building with a design of Two-way corridor system to minimize the cross contamination. The different species of small laboratory animals like mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits are being bred and maintained to provide the quality animals for various research purposes in ROFEL.
Each species of animals is housed in barrier maintained individual rooms to avoid inter-species cross infection. The animals are maintained under controlled environmental conditions (temperature (22± 2oC), relative humidity (50 ± 5 %), 12:12 h light and dark cycle with 100 % of fresh air exchange in animal rooms) with uninterrupted power supply. The macro- and micro- environment around the animals are maintained as per the CPCSEA guidelines. Separate building for holding of infective and non-infective experimental animals is available. A high degree of hygienic conditions is being maintained. Regular disinfection of animal rooms and cleaning and sterilization of cages, water bottles, bedding etc are practiced. Heavy duty steam sterilizers have been provided for sterilization of all materials entering into animals rooms. In addition to the conventionally maintained colonies, Animal house do have the animal isolator and individually ventilated caging systems (IVC) for breeding and maintaining the animal colonies in SPF environment.
Periodic health monitoring of the animals is carried out to ascertain the health status of the animals. In addition, feed and water analysis are carried out periodically for assessing their quality and microbiolological contamination. The various records of the inbred and out bred animals are maintained through in-house developed specialized software system (CAFMS) in addition to manual record keeping. Waste disposal is carried out through environment friendly incinerator. A team of well qualified veterinarian/scientist and technical assistants, who are experienced and trained in modern methods of animal care, breeding and husbandry, manage this facility.
The routine works are carried out as per the standard operating procedures adopting GLP principles to achieve the high quality for biomedical research.
" ROFEL CAMPUS " Vapi- Namdha Road, PB NO 67, Vapi [W] 396191, Gujarat, India
Tel : +91- 9727723722, 9727723742, 9727723762, E-mail : rofelpharm@gmail.com